Axiom CrossFit was the first CrossFit gym in Rancho Cucamonga, CA to be USAW affiliated (Club 3333). We pride ourselves in the attention-to-detail approach that we take in coaching the clean/jerk and snatch. We make it a point to respect the sport in and of itself, beyond just its use as a conditioning tool. Furthermore, our coaches are trained in both the more common method in which Olympic Weightlifting is taught in addition to,Tommy Kono’s, less common, branded style of lifting. Participate in our Olympic Weightlifting classes to further your execution of these highly technical and dynamic lifts.


    StrongFit is the brain child of Vaughn Brotton and Julien Pineau. The purpose of StrongFit is to further your fitness by way of exposing you to equipment that is not as neatly wrapped the way a barbell is presented. With the use of sandbags, stones, prowlers, farmer handles, kegs, axles, logs, sleds, yokes, etc., our StrongFit classes expose how strong you really are. We then work to quickly enhance your ability to maintain yourself among some heavy, dynamic, and, most importantly, awkward loading.


    It is wrong to assume that because back squatting, bench pressing, and dead-lifting are not as technical as snatching and clean/jerking, that the power-lifts are devoid of technical proficiency. Getting strong is all about lifting heavy loads in the correct positions. The goal of our power-lifting class is to get you lifting heavy with an eye for quality control.


    Our running class involves coaching the mechanics for pose technique in addition to more specific speed and agility sprint mechanics. Our running classes are primarily coached by former elite UC Riverside track athletes.


    Movement is all about position. First, do you understand what it means to be in a good position versus a bad position? Once you understand, can you get into the positions you need to get into w/o any compensatory pattern?

    Axiom’s movement and mobility course will use Kelly Starrett’s systems approach to help you troubleshoot your movement limiters. The paths to preventing injury and optimizing performance are the same. Join us to jump start your daily practice toward better movement. As Carl Paoli says, “learn to move, so you can move to learn.”


    Gymnastics is about body control. Once your nutrition is dialed in, and you’ve begun to regularly attend our CrossFit classes to start shaping a better metabolic condition engine, the next piece of the puzzle is gymnastics proficiency. The purpose of our gymnastics class is to help you further construct a more robust foundation for movement. No matter your level, our gymnastics class will be utilizing the work of Carl Paoli in which the progressions for skin the cat, muscle ups, pullups, human flag, handstand walks, rolling and tumbling, etc., are comprehensive and fully scalable based on the athlete’s current skill level.

    Gymnastics is held every Tuesday at 7:00PM after mobility with coach Randy Dizon.
    These classes are open to the public for $15 (members) and $20 for non-members.


    Learn the truth about fats, diet fads, and nutrition labels. Learn what to put on your grocery list and what not to–and so much more.

    Classes are by appointment! Feel free to contact AXIOM Crossfit coach Will Niven @ (909) 728-7869 to RSVP.

    Members: $20.00, Non-members: $35.00



    Classes available on Saturdays. 5-9 year olds at 10:00AM
    Members: $10.00/class
    Non-members: $15.00/class; $45/month