Axiom Crossfit Coaches


    Vaughn Brotton isn’t just a co-owner and head trainer at Axiom CrossFit, he’s the friendliest and fun-lovingest battle tank in disguise you’ll ever meet. His fitness foundation built around the typical muscle-hypertrophy paradigm and honed in the usual “global” gym environment, he truly hit his stride as a trainer after being introduced to CrossFit by his own sister Melissa, Owner of CrossFit Newport Beach. All it took was a couple sublimely devastating CrossFit workouts, and Vaughn was hooked! A holder of certifications spanning the exercise spectrum—CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer, CrossFit Endurance Trainer, CrossFit Strongman Trainer, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, USA Weightlifting—he is a walking (running!) encyclopedia of fitness. Vaughn has also served his country with distinction in the U.S. Marine Corp. A scout certified in combat first aid.

  • NISH

    Meet Nish, the co-owner and one of the head trainers of AXIOM Crossfit. Having been a trainer the better part of a decade, Nish has an exceptionally diverse and experienced background in physical fitness. But her commitment to physical health began before her training days, as evidenced by her experience working as an emergency medical technician for both AMR and Priority One ambulance. Holding NASM-CPT1,NASM-CES, and APEX-CPT1 certifications, BLS instructor, Nish became a personal trainer at 24 hour in 2005. However, unsatisfied with the banal workouts and the results of her clients, Nish turned to Crossfit in 2007 and has never looked back. Additionally, Nish has earned Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Gymnastics 1, and Paleo Zone Diet certifications, giving her a background rich in both fitness and nutrition knowledge. Taking pride in her training, Nish desires to see her clients reach their fitness goals. Along with her immense experience, her ability to motivate clients is second to none at AXIOM.

  • JOSH

    Meet Josh, one of two head trainers at AXIOM Crossfit. Exceptionally friendly and constantly helpful, Josh’s dedication to helping others is clear to anyone he meets. Originally trying out bodybuilding, Josh made the switch to Crossfit 8 years ago. Josh first obtained an AFAA personal training certification, following that up with a Crossfit level 1 certification as well as Crossfit Nutrition certifications in both the Paleo and Zone Diet. Josh is also studying Physical Therapy through Cal Poly Pomona’s Sports Medicine program, further demonstrating his commitment to physical wellness.

    In addition to helping others, Josh is very devoted to training himself. Competing in Crossfit, Strongman, and Olympic Weight Lifting events, Josh is a paragon to pushing yourself to your maximum potential. His dedication has also made him the gym’s most well rounded Crossfitter. Josh has competed at the 2009 Crossfit games on an affiliate team, competed individually at the 2011 Crossfit Regionals, and has set his sights on competing in the 2014 Crossfit Games. Also 2010-2013 CrossFit regional athlete SoCal, 2013 USAPL state championship, 2012 OC throw down second place finisher, Strong Man silver medalist in weight class but above all, aside from training and competing, Josh is known for having the best beard as well as being the most stylish dresser here at AXIOM.


    Christie has come a long way since she first started Crossfit in June of 2010. She wanted nothing to do with lifting heavy… but that quickly changed! Just a month later she was in her first competition and she hasn’t stopped since! Started interning soon after and became a coach in 2011. She loves the competitiveness of the sport but also enjoys helping to change people’s lives everyday and seeing the potential in every single person that walks into AXIOM. Christie was top 15 regional athlete 2011-2013, So.Cal regional athlete. Two-time gold medalist California State Games Olympic Weightlifting. National level olympic weightlifter and Silver medalist Strong Man competitor in her respective weight class. She is also certified as a USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach and CPR & First Aid Certified along with AED and CrossFit level 1.

  • RAI

    Rai–he is fast! Really fast! Three years running track at the college level top 10 in California for the 100 and 200m thru 2003-2005 season. 2006 season All academic American, signed post collegeic contract 2008. Started coaching with an internship summer 2006 under Josh Everett head strength coach at UCR from 2002-2009 and head quarter Crossfit coach. Received speed and strength certification under Steve Kenyon, was High school coach of the year, CSCS, and USAW certified level 2. Trained under Dan Bunz former 2 time superbowl champion and USA W level one, who coached Rai in strength since 2004. If that was not enough, his certification and accomplishment include: BA in English from UC Riverside, AA in Physical education, USA Olympic weightlifting level 1 under mike Burgener head Olympic lifting coach for USA, he is a speed strength training specialist, and was a 2010 Crossfit regional judge!


    Kristi graduated college with a degree in Kinesiology. After college she was on the hunt for a well balanced, full body workout to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She decided to try Crossfit and fell in love with it after her first workout. She has been teaching Crossfit for one year. Kristi enjoys coaching high school sports and has been doing so since 2001. She also works with different high school teams providing developed strength and conditioning programs fit for a particular sport. For more information feel free to contact her at: (951) 833-4126

  • TRE

    Tre is a former Division 1 Athlete at the University of Riverside California with a BS in Business Administration. After the conclusion of his collegiate career Tre promoted to the professional level where he played 4 years at the MLS and USL level throughout the country which concluded with his induction into the Riverside Sports Hall of Fame in 2010. Tre is a NESTA and NIKE SPARQ certified personal trainer with over 10 years of Crossfit training experience who specializes in Speed, Agility, and plyometric training. He aspires to motivate and encourage to promote life and fitness success!


    As a former high school athlete Aaron Chavez found Crossfit while trying to quench his thirst for competition. Not satisfied with what the world of endurance sports had to offer, Aaron joined Axiom Crossfit, then EM Crossfit 4 years ago and hasn’t looked back. “I love the foundation of fitness Crossfit provides. I feel as if I have no limits. Whether it’s going on a ride with the local cycling club, trail running in Mt. Baldy or snorkeling off the Southern California coast I feel Crossfit provides me with the tools needed to participate in these activities at a high level.” Aaron is an awesome AXIOM Fitness coach and USAW certified since February 2014.


    As early as five years old, Bethany started participating in competitive swimming and at the age of twelve in club water polo. Her love for aquatics continued by competing at numerous high-competition level swim meets and water polo tournaments, and eventually working as a lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor for over twelves years for the city of Fontana. Additionally, she has taught Lifeguard instructor courses, aqua aerobics, aqua bootcamp, earned a division 1 dual sport athlete title in water polo and swimming, and earned multiple varsity N holder title as well as an Academic-All American title where she earned her Bachelors degree in Kinesiology. If that was not enough, she persued her teaching credential at CSUN and is now a Physical Education teacher (head swim coach) at a high school level at CNUSD. She started Crossfit in 2011 at Valley Crossfit and has never looked back. Bethany is Crossfit Level 1 certified since 2013 and AXIOM Fitness coach.


    Michael started Crossfitting in the beginning of 2012 on his own and immediately was hooked on the style of training that Crossfit provided–constantly varied, functional, never boring and always challenging. Prior to Crossfit, Michael never “lifted” weights, except for some dumbbells and other typical machine assisted exercises you would find at your local “Global Gym”. He never attempted a 1 rep maximum, never squatted, never deadlifted, and he sure didn’t know what a Snatch was! With weightlifting being new to Michael, he quickly forged a passion for technique and movements. Ultimately, that led to the pursuit of his USA Weightlifting Level 1 certification under Sean Waxman. Michael’s achievements include: USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, CPR & First Aid Certified, Bachelors of Science – Business Administration (UC Riverside), and AXIOM Crossfit Coach!

  • WILL

    Will started his journey as an athlete/adventurer, who has participated in a multitude of sports and diet lifestyles. Having wrestled through his collegiate years, Will naturally transitioned to Mixed Martial Arts, where a safe and effective approach to diet was paramount. Needing a solid understanding of what and how to eat, coupled with an insatiable hunger for knowledge, Will set on a lifelong career and passion for Wellness.

    For the past 13 years, and through practical means, Will has developed a no frills, fad-free, zero-gimmick approach to successful eating habits. Using a set of foundational nutrition principles, Will creates easy to follow, personalized programs for clients of all ages and backgrounds. Coupled with this, Will has led group exercise classes for the past 7 years, forming a bond between fitness and nutrition.


    Calisthenics & Gymnastics Coach